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SouthSudanAt4: and a Bloody Conflict with no End in Sight

Dinka v Nuer

15 December 2013 will be remembered in the history of South Sudan as a very bad day “black day”, a day in which South Sudan went a blaze again when the Dinka and the Nuer in the Presidential Guards unit open fire against each other on “suspicion” or “intended” of staging a coup d’état against the President Salva Kiir Mayardit by his former Vice President and his immediate political rival Dr Riek Machar.

Prior to that day (15 December 2013), South Sudan was relatively a stable country, South Sudan used to be rank behind Sudan and Somalia in the index of failed states.  Prior to that day South Sudan was not in the danger zone of famine and starvation, there was return to Kakuma refugees camp in Kenya but there was not huge influx or massive exodus as after the 15 December, there were no IDPs in the UNMISS camps but the camps were constructed already by UNMISS waiting for the arrival of the IDPs when comes the day.

But was South Sudan stable prior to that day 15 December 2013? No, there were fighting everywhere in greater Upper Nile, there was SSLM/A movement of General Bapiny Monytuil and General Matthew PulJang killing and maiming civilians in Unity state specially Mayom county. They were fighting the government in Juba on claims that the government was corrupted and that Bul Nuer were marginalized in the state government. It was Mayom revolution that ends with all the top generals of the SSLM/A being absorbed into SPLA and others were awarded some advisory positions in the Presidency in 2014.  There was Cobra faction of David Yau-Yau in Greater Pibor who were engaged in abducting Dinka and Nuer children and cattle, and his tribe Murle was subjected to repeated massacres through the hands of the infamous “White Army” of Nuer Lou. General Peter Gadet was assigned to head SPLA division 8 which was fighting David Yau-Yau insurgencies in Jongeli, he ends up being accused by human rights groups of committing crimes against humanity, there were left-over grievance of George Athor SSDM/A in Pigi County, there was the insurgencies of Gordon Kong’s South Sudan Defense Force and Johnson Olony Agwlek in Upper Nile state. Greater Upper Nile was not at peace before 15 December 2013!

Quest for Peace:

IGAD peace led processes was stuck in how to reshape the old CPA of John Garang and Ali Taha into Salva Kiir and Riek Machar new CPA therefore; many other initiatives were parallel initiated in the region to try bringing peace to South Sudan.  South Africa and Tanzania coordinated SPLM factions’ reunification was a good one, another one was President of Kenya Uhru Kenyata initiative and lastly, Sudan President was tipped to be the right persons to bring peace to his old foes just before his famous escape arrest in South Africa. Anything to do with “south” now is not sweet to his hears.

The hunt for peace continue, but with new proposals reaching to negotiation table everyday from the mediators, the two warring groups just want to  get “get it all”. During the SouthSudanAt4 celebrations in Juba, President Kiir reaffirmed his commitment to bring peace in the country before the end of his new Parliament given term. The President and his government are going to bring peace in the country, but how to do bring peace is not explain to the audience, it is more Addis Ababa, Tanzania and Kenya hotels. Sit and relax, wait and peace will come from the government because they know what they are doing!

Rebels’ camp:

In his recent interview with reporters from Nairobi, Dr Riek called upon President Kiir to resign with his entire government on the basis that “Kiir government term is going to expire on the night of July 8th 2015” he called upon South Sudanese to UP-RISE  against Kiir. In another interview with Aljzeera, Dr. Riek said he wants a Power-sharing deal with President Salva Kiir but when his conditions are met like compensation of loses inflicted in greater Upper Nile and of course on the Nuer tribe.  Not agreed to “Arusha Agreement” on reunification of the SPLM factions.

In the rebels’ camp, there are few common things recited by all zeal supporters of the FREEDOM Fighters:

  1. Nuer ethnics were killed in thousands in Juba: Kiir Dinka government has killed the Nuer and Kiir and his Dinka government must GO. The “RED CARD” campaign on the social media. Yes Nuers were killed in December 2013 but is the government in Juba a Dinka government? What about those national ministers who hail from Nuer like Benjamin Marial, Riek Gai, etcetera? ICC should start investigating crimes against humanity in South Sudan and Kiir must be ousted because of his crimes.
  2. Dr. Riek Machar is the Savor of South Sudan: Riek must lead the country now and not later for South Sudanese to be free. No freedom as long as the Dinka is the leader of this country! No room for dictator.
  3. Uganda army must leave South Sudan: those fat guys or Nyamnyam are the ones preventing the mighty White Army to enter Juba at daylight! The coward Dinka cannot stop the bravest tribe Nuer from entering Juba, freed the IDPs masses sheltering in UNMISS camps across the country.
  4. Federal system of governance must be introduced in South Sudan: Federalism or we keep fighting to the last man blood! More states must created  because South Sudan was divided by the British into 22 provinces, we must obey what the masters did long time ago and there must be 22 states in South Sudan for the ten million people. Counties of 3000 population, Payam of one man with his 10 wives.
  5. Kiir is sick and will die soon, actually he was died in late May and earlier June until he resurrected in South Africa summit. This is counter-propaganda of government’s Dr Riek eyes cancer.

Government Camp:

President Kiir stated that he cannot bring peace alone, he need all his comrades to come together to come and raid together again! Pagan has joined the come-raids and the rest of G10 are expected to join in. Riek is not coming because this time he doesn’t want to raid with old comrades, this time he wants to raid alone.

Government camp has these in common:

  1. Riek Machar rebellion is a tribal movement and must be crash! King Paul is around.
  2. Riek Machar will not rule this country, he is an evil man who have killed and delayed the independence of South Sudan in 1991 when he split and form his Nasir faction of SPLM/A
  3. Riek Machar and his white army are welcome back as civilians, not to be reintegrated in the SPLA again.
  4. Riek Machar is sick with eyes cancer is going to die soon.

While South Sudanese people are waiting for the conflict to end, civilians are attack, rape, abducted, killed, displaced and castrated in the fighting fields. No end in sight for the suffering to stop!

South Sudanese people need peace now, peace which addresses the problem that causes the current conflict and the previous insurgencies. The continuous attempts by IGAD to replicate the CPA are not only a recipe for instability but a direct execution of South Sudan as people and country.

The world through UN and NGOs are calling for sanctions hoping it will stop the war, but they are wrong, sanctions will not stop this Dinka and Nuer war.  Charles Obbo could be right “They should be left to fight, kill each, and eventually, when the country has bled to exhaustion and one of them is standing over the corpses of his enemies, they will sober up and stabilise their homeland”. He continue to say that “What makes this complicated is that rebel movements like the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement had members who live in the Diaspora and are successful professionals in London, New York, Kampala, and Nairobi, and too were used to a good life”. The same thing to government supporters who have good life, unfortunately, there is no good life for majority of South Sudanese civilians who lives in the war torn villages.