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Crazy war of crazy thugs!


Briefly, I am narrating what befall my brother Thijin Rambang on the morning of 19 December 2013, Thijin was a Nuer by tribe and was killed by his own tribesmen Nuer for refusing to allow the killing of his Dinka colleagues and friends.

Thijin Rambang Yuol Khan was born in 1975; he hailed from Ulang County, Upper Nile. He worked as Taxation Officer based in Bentiu Unity state, South Sudan. On 19th December 2013 Thijin was traveling from Bentiu to Juba through Tharjath oilfield airstrip when the newly forming rebels in Unity state under the command of James Leah Diew former prisons guards director for Unity State stopped their bus to pick the Dinka travelers out from the bus.

It happened that late Thijin was traveling with his boss who was a Dinka along with other 6 Dinka tribesmen. At Kilo 50 police check point, the local youth and the rebels stopped the KushAir bus carrying passengers to Tharjath oilfield airstrip and the Dinka were asked to leave the bus. Mr. Thijin came out of the bus with his Dinka colleagues whom were separated from others.

There were three Dinka men from Panriang County in Unity state, one man from Rumbek, two from Bor. In total there were six Dinka men who were detained. At this point, Mr. Thijin argued with his tribesmen and pleaded not to kill the Dinka civilians. However, the helpless Dinkas were killed, but! Before they were killed, Thijin Rambang was shot and killed by the rebels after that the six Dinka were killed and only a mother and his one year old daughter were left to return with the rest of the passengers.

And this is what one of his sisters to say:

  • You were not betraying your tribe (Nuer) as some would like to view you but you did not falter doing your ideological pledge as citizen that all are South Sudanese and the fight should be left where it supposed to be…
    You met your death in the hands of your tribesmen trying to protect your colleagues as workmates and brothers as South Sudanese.
    You did not think about your own life of heading toward lifeless.
    You did not think about your kids of being fatherless
    You did not think about your wife of being husbandless
    You did not think of your parents of being sonless
    You did not think about losing your workmates because of their tribe, just thought as a work of a lone wolf in Juba, not all tribe he comes from
    You knew that you spend your young years fighting to achieve the birth of this country along with your other brothers from all ethnicities
    You knew leadership problem was not a tribal problem
    My family members and I will always remember you as brother, father, uncle, brother-in-laws, Nuer fellow-man and above all as a good citizen of South Sudan. Lest we forget! RIP!

I believe in this crazy conflict of South Sudan there are many Thijin who have sacrificed their lives to protect vulnerable individuals from different ethnicity. Some of them have managed it while some of them perished all together with the dear ones they have tried to protect. But there will be a day to bring the perpetrators to book for their crazy actions, soonest or later, the killers will wipe our tears in different ways.