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Way back from Panrieng: an account of rebels’ destruction in Panrieng Count, Unity state

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When the fighting broke out in Juba on the 15th December 2013, people of Panaruu in Unity state were not aware that this conflict is going to turn into a tribal war between the Dinka and the Nuer tribes. But, very unfortunately on the 18th of December 2013 defected SPLA forces started to shoot their colleagues in Bonki boma in Aliiny payam. The fighting between the SPLA forced escalated to include civilians in the area.

The following gives detailed account about attacks on Panrieng County by Rebels from 18/12 to 31/12/2013

1 Bonki 18/12/2013
2 Panrieng 20/12/13
3 Panyang 23/12/2013
4 Athony/Tor 25/12/2013
5 Biu 27/12/2013
6 Nyiel 30/12/2013
7 Yar 31/12/2013
8 Hofrah 31/12/2013


As a result of the attacks, the following facts are recoded:

Killing of civilians: 72 Dinka from Panrieng were killed in different locations

  •  Burning of houses: in Panyang payam, the rebels have burnt all the villages along Panyang-Jau road and some houses in Panyang town including destroying the only water yard in the town. In addition to Panyang payam, Adumbok village in Alilang payam is also burnt as well as Athoony market in Aliiny payam. In Nyiel payam, Nyiel, Yaar and Nyorial are burnt. In Biu payam, Agarak, Lele, Tur, Akot and Ariewriew are burnt.
  •  Damage and destruction of public and individuals’ properties: as a result of the fighting in the above mentioned locations, farms were destroyed, goats and cows looted or killed by the attackers from Bentiu and defectors from different brigades within Panrieng county.
  •  Massive displacement: all Biu payam in southern Panrieng, Nyiel payam, Wiunkur and Aliiny payams are all displaced. Panrieng town is left only for those who have arms and can fight. Most of the population have moved into the bushes to protect themselves from anticipated and continue attacks by the rebels to capture or destroy Panrieng.
  •  Destruction and damage of Athoony Oil Field Processing Facility.

This is the breakdown of civilians killed and locations they were killed:

–       5 people were killed in Unity Oil Field Processing Facility

–       5 killed and 4 lost in Tharjath Oil Field Processing Facility

–       5 people known to be killed in Bentiu but the exact number is still unknown, and also in Rubkona is unknown.

In Panrieng County, the number of the civilians killed is detailed as following:

No Payam Dead
1 Biu 36
2 Panyang 4
3 Alieny 7
4 Nyiel 2
5 Panrieng 8
Total 57

The total number of the civilian killed from Panrieng is 72 people including women and children.

The Nuba refugees in Yida and Ajuongthok are living in a dreadful fear of unknown future in South Sudan Unity state.