Is Riek better than Kiir?

Note: I was about to share this piece before the crises in South Sudan, we are there, South Sudan in abyss of tribal-ethnic conflict!


“They are crying for the power and influence they have lost”!

There is no problem with Dr Riek to become the next President only that, he must show to public that he has the stake to lead this country. Dr Riek political history is very very noticeable, Riek the student political activist, Dr Riek the zonal commander for Western Upper and led the first expansion of the SPLM/A into Nuba Mountains, Dr Riek the 1991 splitters leader in search for democracy and good leadership within the rebel movement SPLM/A, Dr Riek the chairperson of Southern Sudan Coordination Council in Khartoum, Dr Riek the leader of the SSIM, Dr Riek the VP for both government of Southern Sudan and South Sudan. Vast history and stories in politics of South Sudan before independence and in the independence South Sudan, Dr Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon is a leader of the people largely the Nuer nation. He is very right to contest to become the President in the next general elections “doubted” for 2015, but the political circumstances that has unfolded during the last eight years, his chances are very gloomy, he is not widely accepted as the next leader of South Sudan nation. Dr Riek did not failed to do good things in his different capacities but his political history and stories have failed him. “Dr Riek is a traitor to the struggle case of South Sudanese people” you would hear Torit faction yells at you when you urge Dr Riek could be the next President. Regardless of what were his thoughts in 1991, that very history-story has held him persona non grata politically.

The literature written about Dr Riek misbehave in 1991 is huge “if all the things that were done by Jesus were written down, even the whole world could not hold this book” John 21:21, yes, orphans, widows and political rivals of 1991 and today are investing on the SPLM/A split of 1991 to block any attempt by Machar to be the President. The only way, is that Dr Riek leave the SPLM and form his own political party with his supporters. He has so many supporters, if he breakaway, he will safe South Sudan from falling into abyss of tribal conflicts.

Except for a naive person could believe that it was only Nasir faction which has committed atrocities and crimes against humanity in 1991, and that Torit faction didn’t committed the same atrocities. There are mad communities about Riek 1991 split and they are ready to set themselves a blast if Riek made it to Presidency. This is a result of a hatred mixed of his past deeds and tendency of supporting one’s tribal leaders with their appalling inabilities.

As for the so called Garang boys, “What comes around goes around”, Machar tried to correct things at first, but look at those boys (Aloor, Pagan, Taban, Gier) the list is long to include the boys from Equatoria and Bhar elgazal, they were not helpful, they were busy looting South Sudan in every corner, they were only attentive to hear SPLM Oyee chants from the politically-blind South Sudanese. Remember during the transitional constitution making process when Dr Machar “advocated for terms limit” as well as “limited powers of the president” but quest what, it was those of Taban, Pagan, Nyandeng, Gier, (Riek group now) who bluntly refused these suggestions and instead accused Machar that he was “eyeing” the top position, the Presidency! It is pathetic wickedness to this group to consider themselves better than Kiir, instead of this group advising President Kiir accordingly in the beginning, they were all engaged in hypocrisy, they were sabotaging, sitting pleasuring their statehood entitlements just to let Kiir mess up in an ill-keenness that they will grab the power from him when he is in total mess.

Practically, President Kiir politically has better qualifications to cling to power and in the course of doing that, many unintended messes will happen in fear of losing power. Kiir need absolute powers in the way Garang used to have absolute powers, he is not ready to listen to young people like Pagan because he is a big man, “monydit” or at least big brother. He listens better to Uncle Daniel Awet, Uncle Mark Nyipuoch, Uncle Bonadit, Uncles. And why not new Kiir boys like Garang boys? those of Paul Malong, Riziq Zecharia, Telar, Aleu, Dhieu and the long new list?


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