Guard and Protect the Lords of the Land!

It is very noticeable in Unity state that government officials are heavily guarded by heavily armed soldiers or police forces. Governor is more guarded than the minister, this include SPLA trucks full with red-head military police caps, secret agents and some police for decoration. All the law enforcement agents must get involve in guarding the big man. His residential house is surrounded by men in uniform 24/7/30/12. Whenever the big man goes to secretariat general “SG” offices, the narrow and dirty roads are left for his well armed convoy by both footing-humans and the lucky ones in the other few cars in the capital city. Life within the SG building is not less terrifying than his residential house, here, in every corner and under every tree there is either a police or soldier with AK47 and a bunch of extra ammunition-bags. Standby, are the military trucks with machine guns mounted on the top. The place must look neat-tight with security agents.

The honorable minister, the honorable advisor, the honorable Member of Parliament, all must be heavily guarded on the roads, in the offices and at home. One police in front seat, two in the back seats, one or two in the middle seats making body shelter for the honorable from any unknown attacks specially coming from the eyes of passing-by citizens. He must be heavily guarded because guarding is a privilege for honorable, if not guarded well, s/he is not respected and a fool. It is like he is not dress up well for his official duty, guarding is part of official dress.

Origins of being surrounded with armed men: it is the culture of war, all over the South Sudan during the war, culture of carrying a gun for getting food or killing an enemy was the show of the day and night. It was worse in Unity state where there were the mighty RMGs, the SAF soldiers whom were instructed to clear the lands from any livings to pave way for smooth and safe oil explorations and the SPLA fighters in all corners. In this situation, many awful stories were narrated on how one star officer used to be guarded by “circling” himself with armed soldiers and walk in the middle. After the peace agreement and the integration processes and so, so, number of guards reduced a bit but it is still the same mindset, but why? Just fears, “there are unknown enemies whom may target me because of my position in the government”,” government officials can take decisions which may not be well taken by some people and can give them reasons to attack me”. The naked truth is that, there have never been any assassination attempts on the lives of government officials since the signing of the CPA till today in Unity state. It is just kudos like having many cows or marrying many wives here in the land. Soldiers are enslaved by the officials to guard them to scary away civilians who entrusted them to lead and manage their daily affairs. Recently I met the former security advisor on the worn-out road in Kalibalek market footing and with no guards, before his removal from the office, used to have guards in his cars, in his house every moment. This time the man was a very happy citizen with no rude face he was used to. With guards around, no peace with others, with no guards, there is peace with others.

If the government officials carry all these guns in their cars, restaurants, events, bars, offices and they are government officials, what about ordinary people in the villages where there are raiders, hyenas, lions?

Sire, why should you surround yourself with all this guns?

There is need to disarmament the state government officials in the next disarmament campaign.


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