My friend in trouble: Calling a wrong woman kill!

yesterday agreed to meet at five, today for the whole day no phone going through, at 6 pm went through, phone not picked, few minutes later a man rang and said i have received a call from you who are you? I did not called you was the answer, if I have called her, malish! Bye, again the man called, why did you called my wife, who are you? I did not call your wife, if so, sorry, bang! Tritritri tritriri! Hi Al! Al: why did you called, I told you yesterday not to call today and that I will call you from another phone, now my sister is in trouble! He is about to kill her now, he is a SPLA soldier and can shoot my sister I do not know what to do now. If he calls you again do not answer the phone but if you answer the phone tell him that you are…and from B.. and you are a relative, what is your name again? She asked, I am…. ten more calls no answer, last was on 20:42 minutes when the phone was off for me to change the gear. Anychi! Heineken please! It is now 10:18, if he calls, I will bring out my AK47, or call my starred brothers.

Be careful with wrong numbers!


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