Reflections on Hon Stephen Miabek Lang Tenure as Pariang County Commissioner (1)

Accordingly, the county priorities were:

Health infrastructures: on this plan, 100% was achieved. In all nine payams of Pariang there are health centers constructed in my cases it is one roomed. However, health facilities are not that well functioning due to lack of health cadres locally and statewide. The commissioner and his administration have lobbied for funds to training locally hired health cadres in Yei medical school. There are number of youth who have attended secondary schools who can be train to be medical assistants. Another challenge to health is lack of midwives.

In education, in education little has been achieved. Very few schools were constructed in some of the payams because schools construction require huge budget. There were plans to send 13 teachers for training in Yei teachers training center for 4 years course in education but the plan has been hailed by lack of funds.

The third priority was to provide clean water for human consumption. Pariang County used to be home for Guinea worm. When Miabek resumed office as county commissioner in 2005, there were 13 hand pumps in all of 62 bomas. During Miabek tenure in office a total of 49 new boreholes were installed. Now the numbers of boreholes in Pariang stand at 71 boreholes installed by different development partners including Samaritan Purse which operate from Yida refugees’ camp.

To be continued…



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